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7 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Machame Route Climbing 2024/2025 visiting

Moshi. Machame. Shira. Barranco. Barafu. Mweka. Moshi 6 nights

7 Days Mt Kilimanjaro Climbing Machame Route

7 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing – Machame Route 2024/2025

Mount Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

The Rongai route on Mount Kilimanjaro is a seven-day camping route; it has the attraction of being a lower traffic and easier route compared to the southern slopes for climbing Kilimanjaro. It attracts about 10% of visitors to the mountain. The route is really a complete traverse, the only one to experience the arid northern side and the lush southern side. It’s also known as the Loitokok Route.

Starting from the Kenyan side of the mountain in the north its advantages are a more gradual and easier route in terms of terrain, plus there are excellent clear views of the mountain all through the approach. There is also more opportunity to see wildlife such as buffalo, elephant and antelope.

Tanzania Trekking Machame Route – Climb Kilimanjaro – 7 days

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via The Machame Route

Highlights Of Kilimanjaro/ Climbing 2024 – Tanzania

Climb Kilimanjaro Machame Route 2024/2025

The Machame route on Kilimanjaro is a seven-day camping route which allows for excellent acclimatization and particularly diverse scenery. It has been called the Whiskey route in the past and nowadays about 35% of all climbers on the mountain use it.

In a matter of days, you will climb Kilimanjaro from the equator up to an Arctic zone, moving through grasslands, tropical rain forest, alpine meadows, moorlands and high desert to snow and ice. Each day on this route presents quite a distinct ecosystem to experience, which is one reason it is so popular.


The climb begins at Machame Gate, at an altitude of 1800 metres, with an approach to the southwest of the mountain. It passes through majestic rainforest on the first day, before continuing up the mountain to reach Shira Camp, where the Lemosho route joins from the west.
From here you traverse the southern side of the mountain to Barranco via Lava Tower and climb the Great Barranco Wall on your way to Barafu Camp. After reaching the summit, you will descend by the Mweka trail, rather than retracing your steps along the ascent route.

The Machame route is nicknamed the ‘Whiskey Route’ as it is considered more difficult than the ‘Coca Cola Route’, the nickname for the Marangu route.

Climb Kilimanjaro: Summiting the Machame Route 2024/2025

Ascend the tallest freestanding mountain in the world alongside our team, viewing breathtaking lava-forged landscapes en route to achieving a once-in-a-lifetime goal.

Mount Kilimanjaro Tours & Trips 2024/2025


The Machame route itself is quite undulating giving you a good variety of altitudes each day. With the 7-day itinerary you can take things a notch slower, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the scenery and of course a better chance of reaching the summit. If you don’t have previous experience of trekking at altitude, then this is the itinerary for you!

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro on Machame Route
The Machame route on Kilimanjaro is a seven-day camping route which allows for excellent acclimatization and particularly diverse scenery. It has been called the Whiskey route in the past and nowadays about 35% of all climbers on the mountain use it.

Climbing Kilimanjaro 2024
Thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro? The Kili bug has bitten you and here you find yourself researching your Kilimanjaro climb whenever you have a moment. We know exactly how it feels. An unstoppable hunger for conquering Uhuru Peak and a craving for the raw adventure that a Kilimanjaro climb comes with.

7-day Climbing Kilimanjaro via the Machame route

7 days Machame Route
The Machame 7 days route is the most beautiful route up the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. The route is best suited to adventurous hikers looking for an authentic and rustic experience, as the route offers tented accommodation only, and all your equipment and supplies are brought up with help from a porter.

7-day Climbing Kilimanjaro via the Machame route

The Machame route, also known as the “Whisky Route”, is one of the best to climb Kilimanjaro as it is optimal for acclimatization, allowing the climbers to “walk high and sleep low”, and as a result enjoy one of the highest summit success rates of all the routes to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.

This 7-day itinerary to climb Kilimanjaro offers a great acclimatization program. You will have 2 shorter days of trekking prior to your summit ascent in order to optimize your Kilimanjaro climb. Throughout the trek, we will go through stunning terrain and climb in five different climatic zones. Here are some of the key features of this program:

It allows travelers to “walk high and sleep low” enabling better acclimatization.

Ascent and descent via different routes.

Fully catered camping

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via The Machame Route

Owing to its high success rate, the Machame route can be busy, but we’ll start early to avoid the crowds. I also ensure that my porter team arrives at the designated campsites early so that your tent will be set up and ready for your arrival, together with a nice hot drink prepared by our team cook.

Please get in touch with me and let’s discuss your wishes for your Kilimanjaro adventure. I will be happy to guide you to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa! Of course, we can combine this program with some other great adventures including safari, beach stays and more.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro through other routes is also possible: check out our programs up the Rongai, Marangu and Lemosho routes.

Wish to read about an Explore-Share user who climbed Kilimanjaro via the Machame route? Check out our blog post with photos of the ascent!

Climb Kilimanjaro Machame Route
The Machame route on Kilimanjaro is a seven-day camping route which allows for excellent acclimatization and particularly diverse scenery. It has been called the Whiskey route in the past and nowadays about 35% of all climbers on the mountain use it.


  • Pick up and drop off at Moshi Town.
  • Full board ( breakfast, lunch & dinner) during the Hike
  • Services of a Mount Kilimanjaro Guide during the Hike
  • Services of porters during the Hike
  • Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking fees
  • Bottled water during the Hike
  • Transfers from Moshi Town to Mount Kilimanjaro Gate and back to Moshi Town.
  • Rescue to a Private Hospital ( if need be)
  • Services of a professional safari cook during the Hike
  • Bed and breakfast with overnight at Keys Hotel, Moshi on Day 6.

Not Included

  • Items not mentioned as included
  • Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking equipment

Day 1: Moshi - Machame

You have the morning link up with our Manager at Moshi Town. You are briefed about the final gear check ahead of the Mount Kilimanjaro Hike. Soon thereafter; you are picked up and transferred to the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park gate at Machame for entry registration then start the trek to Machame Camp through thick rain forest. You have a packed lunch at a picnic site along the trail. Later, you have dinner and retire for the day at Machame Camp. (3000 m ). Full board

Machame route is arguably the most scenic and beautiful one. The trek begins on the South Western area of the Mountain and descend on the South Eastern side; this offers the climbers a varied scenery of Mount Kilimanjaro. Machame route is known as the ‘Whisky route’ compared to the Marangu route which is called ‘The coca cola route’ for it is more difficult for trekkers. Here, you sleep in camping tents as opposed to huts on the Marangu route. Machame route is ideal for those who want a more difficult climb, and are confident of their ability to hike for long periods over somewhat steep terrain.

Day 2: Machame- Shira

After breakfast, ascend to the Shira area through ridges and valleys heading to the next night stop at Shira hut; with your packed lunches on the way. Dinner and overnight at Shira Camp (3800 m). Full board

Day 3: Shira- Barranco

Head eastward to a junction where we continue to Lava Tower Campsite (4500m), then descend to Barranco Camp thus allowing your body to adjust to altitude change. Enjoy your packed lunch at a picnic site. Overnight at the Barranco Camp. Full board

Day 4: Barranco- Barafu

After breakfast, hike the great Barranco wall then across the Karanga Valley and ascend to Karanga campsite for lunch. This day you have a hot lunch. You have the afternoon hike to Barafu Camp. 1700 hrs: Have dinner and take the day’s rest ready for the hike to the summit. This night is spent at Barafu Camp (4600 m). Full board

Day 5: Barafu- Uhuru Peak- Mweka

0000 hours : Have a cup of coffee/tea and start the midnight trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro via Stella Point. 0600 hours: Reach the summit, Uhuru peak (5895m),have a short period of photo taking and then descend to Barafu camp for breakfast/Brunch and a little rest. Then descending to Mweka Camp. Overnight at the Mweka Camp. Full board

Day 6: Mweka- Moshi

08h00: Walk down to the park gate where you say bye to the guides and porters,have packed lunches on the way and are dropped off at Keys Hotel in Moshi Town. Spend the rest of the afternoon on leisure at the Hotel. Overnight at Keys Hotel, Moshi. Breakfast and lunch

Day 7: Moshi- Kilimanjaro Airport

Breakfast. You are picked up and transferred to the Kilimanjaro Airport for the international flight. Breakfast