Murchison Falls National Park

     Murchison Falls National Park:

The River Nile; the most mystical River dating back from the Pharaohs of Egypt is one of the most important river in the world. The river passes through the Murchison Falls National Park. On top of the Falls; the Nile River is one kilometer wide and squeezes to a 10 feet wide creft to fall over 100 metres to a thunderous frothing pool to create one of the most stunning sceneries on the planet. There is nowhere else where such exists.

To the North West of the Nile River, multitudes of elephants and antelopes abound. Inside the river, schools of hippo and innumerable Nile crocodiles,as well as many species of water birds, plus other endemics reside here. To the South of the River, evermore wildlife as well as primates including   habituated Chimpanzees are to be found.