Uganda Attractions

Why Uganda:

Uganda is stunningly beautiful; ‘ truly the Pearl of Africa’, and home of the original African Safari. Sitting astride a divide between the semi arid East African Savannah and the Rain Forest West African Jungle; the country provides, really the best of ‘two worlds’. It is a home for the majestic African wildlife as well as the a paradise for most of the world’s Primate species including the rare but critically endangered Mountain Gorillas and the heart stopping wild Chimpanzees; reputedly,

Man’s closest relative. Egypt’s lifeline and the world’s longest river, The River Nile originates and bisects Uganda diagonally South to North providing numerous adventure opportunities, like White Water Rafting, Bugee Jumping, Adrenaline filled cruises as well as wildlife.

Uganda supports such a fertile River basin that is beautiful, has an authentic people culture including four fully establishes tribal Kingdoms dating back centuries. Uganda reputedly, has the world’s most hospitable people making it one of the most authentic African tourism destinations; a microcosm of the entire African continent in just but one country.

   Murchison Falls National Park:

The River Nile; the most mystical River dating back from the Pharaohs of Egypt is one of the most important river in the world. The river passes through the Murchison Falls National Park. On top of the Falls; the Nile River is one kilometer wide and squeezes to a 10 feet wide creft to fall over 100 metres to a thunderous frothing pool to create one of the most stunning sceneries on the planet. There is nowhere else where such exists.

To the North West of the Nile River, multitudes of elephants and antelopes abound. Inside the river, schools of hippo and innumerable Nile crocodiles,as well as many species of water birds, plus other endemics reside here. To the South of the River, evermore wildlife as well as primates including   habituated Chimpanzees are to be found. 

Kibale Forest National Park :

Kibale Forest National Park is a foremost tourism destination in Uganda. The Park hosts other attractions. However, the most intriguing one, is the tracking of habituated family of Chimpanzees, over 120 strong, reputedly man’s closest relatives.

Upon sighting the chimpanzees, you will stay with them for one unforgettable hour as they go about their daily life – growling, grooming, barking, feeding, taking care of their young; agilely climbing up trees and dropping off like thuds before disappearing like they were spirits all over and around you – it is a bit scary we admit, but you have a ranger and they are habituated; however, it certainly is one unforgettable experience and the hour is always over too soon.              

  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park:

It is here that the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas are found. Gorilla tracking is very popular here and all attempt it are awed. The Batwa pygmy community are found here. You visit their cultural village to meet and interact with them. They are a forest people long displaced from the rain forest they shared with mountain gorillas - for a firsthand introduction to one of the most unique cultures worldwide; visit their homes, learn about their age old traditions, customs and cultures, enjoy and participate in their traditional music and dance, hike the forest with Batwa guides, hear their stories and ancient legends, how they lived and hunted, health and medicinal plants – how globalization is affecting their age old ways as well as the challenges and opportunities of new ways of life like education, and much more.

           Queen Elizabeth National Park:

This Park is situated in Western Uganda. It forms the natural boundary between The East African  savannah and the West African jungle. The Kazinga Channel is right inside the Park; it is a natural channel joining Lakes Edward and Lake George and is navigated with a Launch Cruise. It is a melting pot of eco-systems and species with a wide variety of bird species, multitudes of hippos cooling off on the shores, wallowing buffaloes, elephants. The launch cruise here definitely easily becomes one of the highlights of most Uganda holidays.The Park is also the mating ground of the Uganda Kobs, lions and others in their natural habitat.

             Lake Mburo National Park:

Lake Mburo is the only national park in Uganda where a safari on foot is allowed. With your guide’s  advice clients get as ‘safely’ close as possible to wildlife like giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes from a distance, elephants and many more. You also have the opportunity to learn about medicinal and other plants, earn about bird calls, learn how to identify some species by their footprints and dung, observe the small inhabitants; ants, beetles, butterflies and others; and exchange notes with your naturalist/guide      

Kidepo National Park:

The most off the beaten track tourist destination in Africa. It is situated on the North Eastern corner of Uganda. It is teeming with wildlife . It has plenty of outside the jeep activities like walking safaris and provides the opportunity to meet and mingle with the Karamojong tribes people.